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9 November 2011


Prof. Frederick E. Brenk

Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome


Paul's Areopagus Speech: Logos and Second Gods


In cooperation with L'École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem





21 December 2011


New Research on the Contemporary Christian Communities in the Holy Land




11-12 January 2012


Tour of Christian communities in Northern Israel 



12 March 2012


Prof. Charles Marshall Stang

Harvard Divinity School


The Divine Double in Late Antiquity





21 March 2012 


Prof. Guido Vergauwen

Rector, Fribourg University


Otherness: A Philosophical Concept Revisited


Chair: Prof. Steven Kaplan


Greetings: Prof. Sarah Stroumsa, Rector, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


In cooperation with The Jean Nordmann Foundation 





23 April 2012


Prof. Michele Renee Salzman

University of California


Elite Contestations: Space and Ideology after the Sack of Rome in 410 





8 July 2012


Prof. Lorenzo Perrone

University of Bologna


Rediscovering Origen Today: 

First Impressions on the Newly Discovered Collection of Homilies on the Psalms


Chair: Dr. Brouria Bitton-AshkelonyDirector, The Center for the Study of Christianity


Greetings: Prof. Eliezer RabinoviciDirector, The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies

Prof. Reuven Amitai, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities


In cooperation with The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies


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7-9 July 2012


Research Group Reunion:

The Religious Experience of Crisis in the Mediterranean World (4th-7th Centuries)


In cooperation with The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies





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