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Graduate Student Fellowship at the Pontifical Gregorian University


Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn Fellowship at the

Pontifical Gregorian University



In the context of the ongoing exchange program between the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome through its Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem through its Center for the Study of Christianity, we are pleased to announce a fellowship for a visiting graduate students at the Pontifical Gregorian University for the academic year 2021-2022. The fellowship, made available through the generous support of Hubert and Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn, is offered for a period of one semester or two semeters.



The programme aims at supporting work on a specific research project in connection with the unique opportunities provided in terms of libraries, academic programs and human resources at the Gregorian University and its affiliate institutions in Rome. Applicants have to have completed at least one year of graduate studies.



Fellowship holders are required to participate in at least one course at the Gregorian University during either the Fall semester (11 October, 2021–21 January, 2022) or the Spring semester (14 February–27 May, 2022). They may be asked to report on work/research during a seminar or class session.



Fellowship holders will receive from the Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies a cash award of EUR 5.600,00 in four monthly instalments, library privileges for the Gregorian University and tuition for up to two courses or seminars. Fellowship holders are responsible for covering all remaining expenses. They are required to reside in Rome during the entire period of their tenure.



Applicants are asked to provide the following documentation:


a. A Curriculum Vitae, giving details of education and language skills and any information the applicants              considers relevant;

b. Transcripts of undergraduate and graduate studies;

c. A letter of reference;

d. A statement describing the studies to be undertaken during the term of the fellowship;

e. Contact information i. Postal Address, ii. Phone number(s) iii. E-mail address.



Fellowship recipients will need to fulfil all matriculation requirements and to register in person during the registration period (1 - 29 September, 2021 for the Fall Semester and 15 December, 2021 - 31 January, 2022 for the Spring Semester).



Deadline for applications is 22 April, 2021. A decision will be announced by 20 May, 2021. Exceptionally, late applications may be taken into consideration.


Please send applications to:

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Centre for the Study of Christianity

Faculty of Humanities

Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905

E-mail: csc@mail.huji.ac.il


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Hebrew University Graduate Fellows (2002-2022)




Shir Hoori, Art History Department

Oz TamirDepartment of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry



Ori KinbergDepartment of Hebrew Literature



Rebecca Eisenstadt, Institute of Archaeology

Tom SelaDepartment of Comparative Religion



Mauricio Lapchik, Department of Comparative Religion

Abir Maliyanker, Department of Comparative Religion



Ofek Lavan, Italian Studies

Baruch Karlin, Comparative Religion



Shulamit Miller, Institute of Archaeology, Luxury, Prestige and Grandeur: the Mansions and Daily Life of the Social Elite of the Roman Near East during the 1st-6th c. C.E.

Shraga Bick, Comparative Religion



Daniel Salem, History



Liran Gordon, Philosophy, On the Possibility of Certainty in Human Cognition: Examination and Structural Comparison of St. Thomas Aquinas, Henry of Ghent and John Duns Scotus

Shulamit Miller, Institute of Archaeology, Luxury, Prestige and Grandeur: the Mansions and Daily Life of the Social Elite of the Roman Near East during the 1st-6th c. C.E.



Avner Ecker, Institute of Archaeology, The Urban Culture in Roman Syria-Palaestina and Arabia (74-284 AD)

Amitai Jacobsen, Comparative Religion, Patterns and Conventions of Mass Conversion of Jews to Christianity in Late Antique and Early Medieval Europe



Yakir Paz, Talmud and Jewish Thought

Sarah Zweig, Comparative Religion, Imitatio Dei in  Neoplatonic Tradition 



Uri Gabbay, Ancient and Near Eastern Languages, Ancient Mesopotamian Liturgy

Sergey Minov, Comparative Religion, The Cave of Treasures in Context: Polemical Historiography and Formation of Syriac Christian Identity in the Fifth-Sixth Centuries



Eyal Poleg, Compartive Religion, On the Books of Maccabees: An Unpublished Poem by Geoffrey, Prior of the Templum Domini

Yossef Soffer, Comparative Religion





Pontifical Gregorian University Graduate Fellows (2014-2022)




François ServeraPontifical Biblical Institute

Wojciech GrzegorekPontifical Gregorian University



Iñaki Marro Sánchez, Pontifical Biblical Institute


Piotr Lukasz BartoszekPontifical Gregorian University



Iosif ȘandoruPontifical Gregorian University



Eric RodriguesPontifical Gregorian University

Rebecca CohenPontifical Gregorian University



Nazar Sloboda, Theology, Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum)



Tomasz NiedzwiedzkiBiblical Studies, Pontifical Biblical Institute, The Patriarch and the other in Targum

Pierre De Curraize, Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University




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