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Visiting Professorship at the Pontifical Gregorian University


Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn Visiting Professorship

at the
Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome


In the context of the ongoing exchange program between the Hebrew University of Jerusalem through its Center for the Study of Christianity, and the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome through its Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies, the position of a Visiting Professor in Judaic Studies at the Gregorian University is becoming available for the Academic Year 2017-2018.

The specific area chosen for the
17th Annual Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn Lecture in the Academic Year 2017-2018 is Modern Israeli Literature, references to Jewish-Christian Relations within this area are welcome. The lecture can be given in English or Italian.

The suggested dates for the Public Lecture are either Thursday, October 26, 2017 or Thursday, November 16, 2017 (to be confirmed with the successful candidate). A
publication of the lecture in an academic journal or monographic volume is envisaged. During the tenure of the Visiting Professor a meeting with graduate students is scheduled, further engaging with the lecture’s topic.

The Pontifical Gregorian University is distinguished by its international character with professorial staff and students coming from over 130 countries around the world. Gifted by the presence of such diversity, which includes students from different religious backgrounds, the Cardinal Bea Centre’s unique perspective is dedicated to the promotion of a theological knowledge and understanding of Judaism - from both a Jewish and a Christian perspective - as well as the teaching, research and academic exchanges between Christians and Jews, in order to foster a mutually enriching relationship.

The Professorship includes an honorarium of Euro 800,00 as well as travel expenses and accommodation for one week. All payments are exempt from Italian taxation.

Letters of application, including a C.V. and two lecture proposals, are due by
March 15, 2017. A decision will be announced by April 7, 2017.

Please send applications to:
     The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
     The Centre for the Study of Christianity
     Faculty of Humanities
     Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905

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