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The New Forum for the Study of Christianity


Following the success of the Forum for the Study of Christianity, and in light of the increase in the number of participants and those interested in joining the Forum, an additional group was opened this year (2018-2019). Like its older sister, also The New Forum for the Study of Christianity, constitutes a framework for the intensive and far-ranging study of the history and thought of Christianity. It is designed for postgraduate students of all departments with some previous background in the study of Christianity. The Forum grants no academic credit points, but provides a stipend, courtesy of the CSC. The program includes twelve meetings, twice monthly.


The New Forum has taken upon itself to create a connection between the study of Early Christianity and contemporary Christian communities and theology. Thus, after examining a main topic in early Christian sources, we turn in the following session to examine the ways that same subject is reflected in contemporary theological discussions. In this way, the old and the new shed light on each other and enable to attain a broad, yet current, historical perspective.


The New Forum is led and organized by Maayan Raveh and Shraga Bick, both PhD students in the Department of Comparative Religion, under the academic supervision of Dr. Yonatan Moss, of the Department of Comparative Religion.


Applications typically open in the Summer months.


For further details click HERE (in Hebrew)



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