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Origeniana Duodecima












On behalf of the international academic committee and the Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew University (CSC) we are pleased to announce that the next Origeniana will take place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, on June 25-29, 2017.


The theme of the conference will be:
Origen's Legacy in the Holy Land–A Tale of Three Cities: Jerusalem, Caesarea and Bethlehem


You are invited to submit your title and abstract for approval by the academic committee via the online submission form, which is modifiable until February 28, 2017. Please make sure to read through the circular letters before submitting your abstract:

1st circular letter

2nd circular letter

3rd circular letter


If you haven't received the previous circular letter via the conference e-mail address and would like to join the conference mailing list please send an e-mail to origeniana@mail.huji.ac.il (subject line: Join Mailing List).


Academic committee: Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony, Oded Irshai, Aryeh Kofsky, Christoph Markschies,
Olivier Munnich, Hillel Newman, Lorenzo Perrone.


Organizer: Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony, The Center for the Study of Christianity



Fresco depicting saints praying. Plaster and pigment. Caesarea, 6th-7th century CE.

Photograph © Israel Museum, Jerusalem / by Meidad Sochovolsky

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