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Tagrit Theodora Theophrastus Tobit translations into Greek 
Tamar Theodore Abu Qurrah theoria Toledot Yeshu translations into Latin 
Tannus al-Shidyaq Theodore bar Koni Theosophia Toma Audo translations into Persian 
Taoism Theodore bar Wahbun Thomas Toma Hanna translations into Slavonic 
Targums Theodore bar Zarudi Thomas de Kfartab tombs translations into Sogdian 
Tatian Theodore of Antioch Thomas Hanna of Karamlish topography translations into Syriac 
taxes Theodore of Edessa Thomas of Alqosh toponyms translations into Turkic 
Teaching of Addai Theodore of Merv Thomas of Bet Garmai tower of Babel transmission 
Teaching of Apostles Theodore of Mopsuestia Thomas of Cana trade travel 
Teaching of Simon Kipha Theodore the Monk Thomas of Edessa tradition travelogues 
tears Theodoret of Cyrus Thomas of Harkel Transfiguration Treatise of Shem 
Telkepe Theodosius I Thomas of Kfartab Transitus Mariae Trinity 
Tell Ada Theodosius II Thomas of Marga translation Tripoli 
Tell Bi‘a Theodosius of Alexandria Thomas of Singar translations from Arabic Trisagion 
Tell Magara Theodosius of Antioch Thomas Sarraf translations from Armenian Tritheism 
Tell Tuneinir Theodosius of Edessa Thomas the Monk translations from Coptic Trophies of Damascus 
Temple Theodosius of Jerusalem Tibet translations from Greek Tur Abdin 
teshbhata Theodotus of Amida Tigris translations from Hebrew Turfan 
Testament of 12 Apostles Theodotus of Ancyra time translations from Latin turgama 
Testament of Adam Theodotus of Antioch Timothy Aelurus translations from Persian Turkestan 
Testament of Ephrem theology Timothy I translations from Syriac Turkey 
Testament of Our Lord Theomnestus of Nicopolis Timothy II translations into Arabic Turkish 
testimonia Theophanes Confessor Timothy of Alexandria translations into Armenian Turks 
textual criticism Theophilus of Alexandria Timothy of Kakhushta translations into Chinese Turoyo 
Theano Theophilus of Edessa titles translations into Coptic Tyare 
theatre Theophilus the Indian Titus translations into Geez typology 
Themistius Theophilus the Persian Titus of Bostra translations into Georgian Tyre
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