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laity Leo the Great Life of Abercius Lk 19 loan-words [Arabic] 
Lakhmids Leontius of Neapolis Life of Adam and Eve Lk 19:4 loan-words [Armenian] 
Lamentations Letter from Heaven Life of Alexander Akoimetos Lk 19:40 loan-words [Greek] 
lamps Letter of Abgar Life of Rabbula Lk 2:14 loan-words [Hebrew] 
language Letter of Baruch Life of the Virgin Lk 2:22-40 loan-words [Indian] 
Larissa Letter of Jeremiah light Lk 2:25 loan-words [Latin] 
Late Antiquity Letter of Lentulus Lilith Lk 2:34-35 loan-words [Persian] 
Latin language Letter of Longin to August linguistics Lk 2:4 loan-words [Turkic] 
laughter Letter of Quadratus literature Lk 22:19-20 loan-words [Turkish] 
law Letter of the People of Cyprus liturgics Lk 22:42-47 locusts 
Lazar bar Sabta letters liturgy Lk 23:39-41 logic 
Lazar of Bet Qandasa Letters of Pilate Lives of the Prophets Lk 23:43 Logos 
Lazar of Harran Lev 10:1-2 Lk 1:35 Lk 3:23-38 Lot 
Lazarus Lev 11 Lk 10:30-36 Lk 4:1-13 love 
learning Lev 14:49-53 Lk 11 Lk 4:29-30 loyalty 
leaven Lev 16 Lk 11:51 Lk 6:20-25 Lucian 
Lebanon Leviticus Lk 14:15-24 Lk 7:36-50 Lucian of Antioch 
lectionary lexicography Lk 15:11-32 Lk 8:43-48 Lucian of Baalbeck 
legal lexicography [native] Lk 16:13-17:1 Lk 8:5-8 Lucianic 
Lent Liber Graduum Lk 16:19-31 loan-words Luke
Leo of Harran libraries Lk 17:21 
Possekel, Ute, ''Christological Debates in Eighth-Century Harran: The Correspondence of Leo of Harran and Eliya'', Pages 345-368 in Syriac Encounters: Papers from the Sixth North American Syriac Symposium, Duke University, 26-29 June 2011. Edited by Doerfler, Maria E. and Fiano, Emanuel and Smith, Kyle Richard. Eastern Christian Studies 20. Leuven: Peeters, 2015.
Keywords: VII-XVIII CE, VIII CE, Harran, Christology, polemic, Elijah of Harran, Leo of Harran, Melkites, Jacobite.
van Roey, Albert, ''Trois auteurs chalcédoniens syriens: Georges de Martyropolis, Constantin et Léon de Harran'', Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica 3 (1972): 125-153.
Keywords: VII-XVIII CE, VII CE, VIII CE, George of Martyropolis, Constantine of Harran, Leo of Harran, letters, Christology, polemic, anti-Jacobite, Melkite, primary sources [Syriac] + Latin translation.
van Roey, Albert, ed. Eliae epistula apologetica ad Leonem, syncellum Harranensem. CSCO 469-470, Syr. 201-202. Leuven: Peeters, 1985.
Keywords: VII-XVIII CE, VIII CE, Elijah of Harran, Leo of Harran, letters, Christology, apologetics, polemic, Jacobite, primary sources [Syriac] + Latin translation.
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