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Jacob Jibrail ibn al-Qilai John Azraq John of Ephesus Joseph David 
Jacob bar Shakko Jilu John bar Andreas John of Jerusalem Joseph Hazzaya 
Jacob Baradaeus Jn 1 John bar Aphtonia John of Mardin Joseph I 
Jacob of Bartelli Jn 1:1 John bar Kaldoun John of Mosul Joseph II 
Jacob of Bet Abe Jn 1:14 John bar Madani John of Nhel Joseph of Telkepe 
Jacob of Edessa Jn 1:16 John bar Malke John of Nineveh Joseph Sulaqa 
Jacob of Jerusalem Jn 1:46-51 John bar Penkaye John of Qartmin Joseph the Indian 
Jacob of Nisibis Jn 1:47 John bar Shayallah John of Scythopolis Josephus 
Jacob of Salah Jn 11 John bar Zobi John of Tella Joshua 
Jacob of Sarug Jn 11:25 John Barbur John Philoponus Jovian 
Jacobite Jn 17 John Cassian John Rufus Jubilees 
Jacobites Jn 19:30 John Cholag John Saba Judah 
James Jn 19:34 John Chrysostom John Sulaqa Judaism 
Jannes and Jambres Jn 2:1-11 John Climacus John the Baptist Judas 
Japan Jn 20 John Colobos John the Evangelist Judas Cyriaqos 
Jebel Baricha Jn 20:17 John III of Antioch John the Faster Judas Thomas 
Jebel Druze Jn 21:25 John Isho bar Shushan John the Grammarian Jude 
Jebel Halaqa Jn 3:1-5 John Malalas John the Persian Judges 
Jebel Qalamun Jn 4:1-42 John Maron John the Scholasticus Judith 
Jebel Rihane Jn 6:51 John Naqar John the Silo-Dweller Julian 
Jebel Siman Jn 7:14 John of Amida John the Stylite (of Beth-Mari-Qanun) Julian of Halicarnassus 
Jephthah Jn 7:37 John of Antioch John the Stylite (of Litharb) Julian Romance 
Jeremiah Jn 7:37-38 John of Apamea John Urtaya Julian Saba 
Jeremiah Apocryphon Jn 7:39 John of Bet Aphtonia John V bar Abgare Julianus Romaya 
Jericho Jn 7:53-8:11 John of Bet Garmai John Wesley Julius Africanus 
Jerome Jn 8:56-59 John of Bet Rabban John X Bar Shushan Julius of Rome 
Jerusalem Jn 9:1-34 John of Birta Jonah Junilius Africanus 
Jesus Jn 9:2 John of Dailam Jordan justice 
Jewish background Job John of Dalyatha Joseph Justin I 
Jewish Christianity Job of Edessa John of Damascus Joseph Abbaya of Alqosh Justin II 
Jewish-Christian relations Joel John of Dara Joseph and Aseneth Justin Martyr 
Jews John Ascoutzanges John of Edessa Joseph Busnaya Justinian
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Keywords: IV-VII CE, VI CE, Jacob of Sarug, poetry, hymnography, Old Testament, Genesis, Isaiah, Is 9:6, Exodus, Ex 17, Moses, Balaam, Phinehas, Jacob, Joseph, Joshua, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, David, Daniel, Ezekiel, Elijah, New Testament, Gospel of Matthew, Mt 12:43, Mt 13:47-50, Mt 15:21-28, Acts, Acts 5, 1 Timothy, 1 Tim 2:5, Galatians, good thief, exegesis, Christology, feasts, Nativity, Palm Sunday, Passion, Annunciation, Easter, Lent, crucifixion, resurrection, saints, apostles, martyrdom, Mary, Peter, Thomas, Stephen the Protomartyr, Julian Saba, Abgar, Addai, St Domitius, St Theodore, Mar Behnam, Barsauma, Maccabees, relics, Holy Cross, burial, eschatology, locusts, faith, Amida, Jerusalem, Satan, anathema, Nestorius, polemic, anti-Nestorian, repentance.
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Keywords: IV-VII CE, V CE, Barsauma, saints, hagiography, Palestine, Jerusalem, Jewish-Christian relations, anti-Judaism, anti-Chalcedonian, polemic, Jacobite.
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