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Caeciliana charity chronicles comparative Council of Ephesus I (431) 
Cain cheirograph chronology computing Council of Ephesus II (449) 
calendar chemistry churches concordance Council of Gangra 
calligraphy children Cilicia confession Council of Ishoyahb I (585-586) 
Callinicum chiliasm circumcision confirmation Council of Mar Isaac (410) 
Cana China cities Conon Council of Seleucia-Ctesiphon 
canon Christ Classical Syriac Conon of Tarsus councils 
canon law Christian Arabic Clement Constantia countryside 
Carolus Rali Dadichi Christian Palestinian Aramaic Clement of Ancyra Constantine covenant 
Cassiodorus Christianization clergy Constantine of Apamea creation 
castles Christianoi Codex Ambrosianus Constantine of Harran creed 
catechesis Christina Codex Bezae Constantine of Laodicea cross 
catena Christology codicology Constantinople crucifixion 
Catholic Epistles Christophore of Antioch coenobites conversion Crusaders 
Causa Causarum Chronicle of 1234 coins Copts curtain 
Cave of Treasures Chronicle of 724 Colloquy of Moses Cosmas Hagiopolites Cyprian of Carthage 
caves Chronicle of 775 Cologne Mani Codex Cosmas Indicopleustes Cyprian of Nisibis 
Celestine of Rome Chronicle of 813 colophons cosmogony Cyprus 
celibacy Chronicle of 819 Colossians cosmology Cyril of Alexandria 
Celsus Chronicle of 846 colours Council of 420 Cyril of Jerusalem 
Central Asia Chronicle of Arbela Commagene Council of 424 Cyrillona 
Ceylon Chronicle of Edessa commandments Council of Antioch (340-341) Cyrus of Batnae 
Chalcedon Chronicle of Joshua the Stylite commemoration council of Constantinople Cyrus of Edessa 
Chalcis Chronicle of Khuzistan commentary Council of Constantinople I (381) Cyrus of Harran 
Chaldeans Chronicle of Seert Commentary on Diatessaron Council of Constantinople II (553) Cyrus the Greek
chalice Chronicle of Zuqnin 
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Keywords: IV-VII CE, V CE, VI CE, Nisibis, schools, Greek philosophy, Thomas of Edessa, Cyrus of Edessa, Barhadbeshabba Arbaya, Henana of Adiabene, Sergius of Reshaina, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Nestorian.
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